Coaching for Skilled Employees and Executive Managers


Our candidates deserve our full attention and professional consulting on their professional development. We consult our candidates over long-term career-chances and attach importance to built up a realistic anticipation.

We coach our candidates during the whole application process i.e. from the written application to the personell interview as well as follow-on interviews with constructively feedback interviews. In doing so it is very important for us to consider the personal goals and wishes of our candidates.


Your professional situation is not satisfying you anymore. You are not making any professional development, are discontented and want to change your situation.

Finally you want to get to know more about yourself:

  • Where are your own talents
  • What gives you pleasure
  • In what can you surprise others
  • Ability to enthuse

You are looking for the exchange with a coach who helps finding oneself and to develop your professional perspectives.

We support you by identifying your personality respectively your individual professional and career planning, see also Training & Job-Consulting. Please talk to us!

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