Identifikation and Customized Consulting

The identification with your company is very important to us. This means a high measurement of understanding and sensitivity for your:

  • Philosophy
  • Needs
  • Culture
  • Organisation
  • Processes

in your company.

The requirements to human beings in key positions in your company are:

  • Global and Interdisciplinary Thinking
  • Sozial and Cultural Thinking
  • Alteration of Power and Innovation of Spirit

paired with a high measurement of talent for the goal-orientated task as a contribution for your buisness success.

We develop with you in common individual and personal goal-orientated approaches for the to be filled position, generate a position profile and begin with the identification of potential candidates in target companies.

The close contact to you and the active involvement in the selection-procedure create the basis for customized solutions to fill the position and therefore a trustful collaboration in your business.

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